05-03-2010: Fixed a small bug in the, the Directory Based Build System relating to dependency generation.
04-16-2010: Added a new tool, the Directory Based Build System.
04-16-2010: Fixed the inset border on IE 6 and 7.

A quick tale of a Game Engine Programmer:

One of my earliest memories involves me sitting next to my grandfather as he typed away at his old Apple II. The black and green screen was just memorizing... Since that day, the world of computers pulled me in and has yet to let me go.

This fascination soon expanded to the world of video games, when I was introduced to my father's first handheld system, the Atari Lynx.

The world of computers and video games eventually expanded around me as I acquired my first desktop pc, and my first console, the SNES. Countless hours were spent in front of a TV as I studied every aspect of the video games I had. This, coupled with my Desktop PC, paved the way for my adventure into the world of video game development.

From then on, I continued to expand my game collection, while studying a variety of computer topics in parallel. I eventually picked up a book on programming, which opened up yet another world for me to explore. To me, programming allowed me to create roughly anything out of seemingly nothing.

From there, it was just a matter of time until programming and video games intertwined and lead me to DigiPen, where I was able to expand my ideas into reality.